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Fourth Walling
If your character happens to play Harvest Moon games in their canon, please do not tell Jack that he's fictional. Feel free to recognize him though, or maybe even call him by name; he's used to a small town where his name gets around to people he doesn't know.

Hacking entries
Jack has pretty much no concept of technology, or in this case magic, so any private entries he makes are vulnerable, but for now while things are falling into place please ask first before hacking.

The beauty of this character is just how susceptible he is to shipping. Romantic encounters are perfectly fine, if you can get past the fact that Jack is very shy and may still be compensating for the fact that he's a human turned into a pony.
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Player Name: Saria
Player Journal: sagesaria
Age: 26
Contact: email: sagesaria9475@gmail.com
AIM: sagesaria9475
plurk: sagesaria
Characters Played: Iron Liz

Name: Peter "Jack" Moon
Canon: Harvest Moon 64
Canon Point: sometime early in the first year of his life on the farm
History: Pete - or Jack, as he prefers to go by his middle name - was born and raised in the city across the sea with his parents. But he was never what you would call a city boy; it was loud and smelly and dangerous and life was complicated, and he didn't like it at all. His entire life, what he really missed was the country; as a child he once spent a week in Flower Bud Village with his grandfather on his farm. Since it was so long ago he doesn't remember much about it, admittedly, except that he felt at peace in the quiet village, and even made some friends with the local children with many adventures and mishaps.

He lived out at fairly normal life in the city, despite his dislike of it, living with his father after his parents divorced in his teens, finishing school, but still not knowing what he wanted to do with his life. Then one early spring when Jack was nineteen, he received word that his grandfather in Flower Bud was deathly ill. He set out to see him immediately, though because his father was delayed by work, Jack was alone with his grandpa as he passed away, whispering faint last words to him that he couldn't quite make out.

As the brief funeral and memorial processed, Jack started to realize just how much had changed since he last was there. New, unfamiliar faces were everywhere, the girls he barely remembered playing with were grown, beautiful women, but most notably and worst of all, the farm he remembered being prosperous and beautiful was now in shambles. He could overhear the rest of the town wondering aloud; what would become of that farm now? There was nobody to run it, they couldn't possibly sell it in the state it was in. It would most likely have to be torn down and something new put in its place, much to the dismay of grandpa's long time friends.

After the funeral, Jack sat in the yard of the old farm watching the smoke from the chimney. It rose straight up into the air, an image that resonated with him strongly; it was as if Grandpa was floating straight up to heaven. He had a long time to think about things while his father caught up on the news, and he decided that he wasn't going to let them tear down the farm; he was going to take care of it himself and bring it back to its former glory. He talked with dad about it, and they came to an agreement; if he could revive the farm and make life in Flower Bud a job and a home in two and a half years, then he could stay. If not, he would have to come back to the city and work with dad. And so with a few spare belongings, his grandfather's old tools and notes, and his pet dog Koro, Jack started life over in Flower Bud Village, determined to make grandpa proud.

Personality: Jack is a quiet, gentle boy whom one would never expect to have lived in the city all his life. Since his father heavily encouraged his education, he is very book-learned and a hard-worker. When he has his mind set on a task, he will do what he can to finish it or at least do his best. However, his education about a subject is not necessarily the same as experiencing it; he can read all there is to know about how crops grow and how to take care of an animal, but it is not the same as actually feeling the physical and emotional strain of running a farm and balancing a budget. The physical part is a big one, too; Jack is very much not used to doing a lot of heavy lifting or running around, and tends to tire out easily if he pushes himself too hard; he'll have to pace himself if he ever wants to see Grandpa's farm prosper again.

Having been so focused on his studies, Jack is a little shy and naive, especially around girls. But with that shyness comes good listening skills. and he likes letting other people do the talking anyway; he is friendly and enjoys meeting new people, he just may not know exactly what to say to them. A hopeless romantic, he tends to try to convey his feelings to a pretty girl with actions instead of words, bringing them flowers and the like. He does dream of someday having a family of his own, perhaps someday he'll find a girl who can put up with his bashful attempts at flirting.

Jack does, however, seem to have a natural soothing presence to animals. His calm, warm nature allows them to feel comfortable around him, and in turn he is able to get close to them and can figure out their mood. In general Jack enjoys the outdoors and is excited to have this opportunity to live in such a peaceful, rustic town.

Strengths: hard-working, optimistic, good memory, good with animals, good swimmer
Weaknesses: shy, naive, not the most physically fit
Possessions: his pet dog Koro, some basic farming tools; a hammer, axe, hoe, watering can and sickle
Pony/Animal Type: earth pony
Cutie Mark: a gardening hoe
Pony Picture: none currently

First Person: Er, hello everyone,

My name is Jack, I just woke up here, and it looks like I'm not the only one in this predicament. I'm not usually a pony, you see, but everybody around me says they were also turned into ponies. I've never really known what to believe about magic and stuff, but I guess that has to be it, right? Unless this is a really weird dream...I did eat some curry last night.

Well anyway, is there someone I can talk to who lives in this area? I'd like a tour if I'm going to be stuck here for a while. Maybe I'll try to start up a farm here, too.
Third Person: Jack still wasn't used to this.

It was strange enough learning to walk on all fours, how to do simple tasks without opposable thumbs or even fingers, and don't get him even started on how naked he felt not really needing clothes, as if he even could pull on a pair of overalls anyway. But even if he could get used to that, he still wasn't sure what to make of love in this place.

Well okay, maybe love was too strong a word; he barely even knew her. But he couldn't deny the fluttery feeling in his chest that he got whenever the mare next door smiled at him. And every time, he felt suddenly conflicted as soon as she went back inside. His first thought was that she was pretty, and he'd often said that about horses before, but this...he thought of her just like he would a human being. That wasn't odd, was it? He was a pony just like her, wasn't he?

But then again, she had been a pony all her life. He still wanted to think of himself as human, even when his occasional faceplant when trying to stand up told him otherwise. How would kissing even work? His cheeks burned a little at the thought, as they always did whenever he thought about kissing a girl. How would he even talk to her? If he brought her flowers, would she just eat them? Would she be able to live with someone who wasn't originally a pony, as much as he was struggling with that fact himself?

Jack shuffled his hooves awkwardly, glancing over his little garden plot. Maybe it would at least be nice to be neighborly?
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I don't get it.

When I met Duo, I felt...

But now I don't anymore.

.....why did I feel that way anyway? I like girls. I've always liked girls!

...I've always dreamed of raising a family. Getting married to a nice girl and settling down on a farm, maybe someday having a Jack Junior.

.....I just don't get it ._.
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It's been quiet lately.

Does anyone else feel nervous when it's quiet? o.o;;;
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School's starting again!

I wonder if anybody's going to take my class this year. There weren't a lot of them last year ._____. not to mention the, er...mishaps with that one student >>;
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Phew...I got the barn wall back together ok...that girl was crazy, knocking it down like that! What if she hurt somebody?!

Anyway, everything's fixed now and I still have every...

....wait a minute...


((One of Jack's cows got loose. Feel free to notice a cow walking the streets XD))
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I don't want to be a girl ever again.

I need to...plow fields...or something...
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Not again! DDDDDX
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My birthday was two days ago. I completely forgot.

Is that normal? .//////.
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....fireworks aren't supposed to destroy buildings. I should know.
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Does anyone else think those new girls are kinda cute a little strange? Like...stranger than usual?
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I heard about this Father's Day thing and sent a card to my dad. I hope he likes it.

I wonder how he's doing. We don't get to talk much anymore since I'm so busy. Maybe I can get him to come visit this summer.


Jun. 12th, 2008 04:37 pm
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Heh, if only I was young enough for Prom. I had fun when I went back in my day. That makes me sound old o.o;;;

private, easily hackable )
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*phew* I think the lamb's going to be ok. We got her to eat, at least. Thank you, miss.

You know, I've noticed lately that a lot of farms just don't really care about their animals. They just see them as a source of food or products or money. Yeah, my animals all make produce that I use to make a living, but that doesn't mean I don't love them. I dunno what I would have done if my poor little lamb died.
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One of my lambs is sick.

I think she misses her mother...the one who disappeared ;_;

I can't get her to eat or anything...

;_; I don't know what to do...do we have a vet in town?
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Mother's Day?

Never heard of it.

.....I miss Mom.
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I really have to be more careful what I drink X______X

((Jack's pretty lightweight, and this was his first time with tequila XD))
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Something got into the barn while I was out last week and one of my sheep is missing!

I bet that Wolf got her!

Poor old girl...she was my favorite sheep T____T
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Dad sure is taking a long time. At least that talking dog is keeping me company ^_^

This place sure is weird. It's cool.

Hey what was that--O_____O WHOOOAAAAAAAAH :OOOOOO

((Jack saw Inferno attacking the city and is now watching amazed like a typical little boy XD))
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